Enterprise Solutions

Canopus have provided innovative solutions to many enterprises. Our long experience as a technical consultant to many companies have provided helped lot of our new clients to get the appropriate solutions to their operational bottlenecks.

CMS (Content Management Systems)


CMSs become the requirement of the time. We have find that every organization required CMS to management their content. It various only in features but the core requirement remains same. Small organizations may require moderate amount of functionalities while large organizations have complex functionalities. We at Canopus develop many CMS in open source like Joomla Drupal and Wordpress. We have built many scalable CMS applications in top of these open source applications successfully. We also design custom-built CMSs when we find that open source is not the suitable solution. We have also designed our own CMS, which is unique and suitable for many enterprises. Our pluggable modules are very flexible and can be integrated and removed without any hassles.


We have expertise in both open source CRM customization like Sugar CRM and building CRM from scratch. We have customize sugar CRM for many of our clients, and created custom-built modules for Sugar CRM on our client’s request. We have good experience on developing custom-built CRMs for logistics, manufacturing and Pharmaceutical sales. Our designed CRMs are very customizable and can be scaled very easily as we know customers’ requirements will change according to time. Our Designed CRMs caters all the marketing and sales requirements. Our Designed CRMs are very intelligent and programmed in such a way, which never let you miss any of the prospects.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

ERP applications


Developing Enterprise resource planning is something, which require lot of experience and knowledge and expertise. Along with that domain, knowledge is very important to design the ERP software successfully. Canopus have designed and implemented different kinds of ERPs for many small and mid- size organizations. We provided ERP solutions are not only streamlines the operations, Financials and HR activities but it also help the organizations on cost saving in various activities, which was not possible earlier.